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Bad Breath - Halitosis

Bad Breath (Halitosis) Treatment at Perrott Dentistry in Boardman, Ohio.

A generic term referring to unpleasant odours emanating from the mouth, the intensity of which differs according to the foods eaten, such as garlic, onions, red meat and fish. Other factors include obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption. It is generally worse upon awakening (“morning breath”) because the anaerobic bacteria in the mouth have had hours to proliferate and produce volatiles.

Acute bad breath can be addressed by oral hygiene in the form of mouthwashes, brushing the teeth and tongue, flossing, and use of inter-dental brushes.

Chronic bad breath affects up to 25% of the population and may be socially or professionally crippling, and, if extreme, may affect one’s self-esteem. Source: The Medical Dictionary

Dr. Perrott Recommends:

Bad breath can be acute or chronic depending on the underlying cause. It may indicate the need to clean the teeth and mouth more often, tooth or gum disease, or intestinal disorders.

Avoid spicy foods and those that leave residues or get stuck in the teeth (alcohol, cheese, meat, sweets). Go on a cleansing or raw food fast to detox your body. Chew parsley after meals, as it is very rich in chlorophyll, a natural mouthwash. 

We offer the following Breath RX products for sale in our office:

Zytex™ Eliminates Malodor

Each Of the unique BreathRx products contain Zytex™, an exclusive ingredient containing zinc , eucalyptus oil and thymol. Zytex™ neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds (VSC’s), the main cause of oral malodor.

Anti-Bacterial Action

BreathRx™ Mouth Rinse, Breath Spray, and Tongue Gel go beyond the neutralization of VSC's to eliminate their source -- Gram-negative Bacteria. Our active ingredient Cetylpyridinium Chloride kills bacteria, stopping bad breath at it's source.

100% Alcohol-Free Formulations

Do you know how much alcohol is in your mouth rinse? BreathRx is the only anti-bacterial mouth rinse that’s 100% alcohol-free. It’s safe for every patient and long term use.

BreathRX, bad breath is recommended by Dr. Robert Perrott.

Bad breath can be acute, or chronic, depending on the underlying cause

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Helpful Lifestyle Changes

Brush and floss teeth regularly. Clean and replace your toothbrush regularly. Avoid mouthwashes with flavorings, dyes, and alcohol. Avoid stress and seek out ways to relax and resolve stressful conditions in your life. Get sufficient sunlight, exercise, and sleep.

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