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Oral Cancer

Perrott Dentistry Oral Cancer Resources.

Oral cancer risks were once very predictable. Over 95% of all cases were from tobacco use, either smoked or smokeless and/or alcohol usage. The majority of these cases were found in patients over 50 years old with men afflicted more than women. A small population of cases outside of these risk factors were, for the most part, of unknown etiology.

This old standard has rapidly changed in recent years. With the continued decrease in smoking in the United States it is surprising to see a nearly fivefold increase in oral cancer patients under the age of 40.

Testing & Resources

Oral cancer risk factors.

Risk Factors

With the continued decrease in smoking in the United States it is surprising to see a nearly fivefold increase in oral cancer patients under the age of 40. This non-smoking population of men and women in their 20’ and 30’s are the fastest growing population of oral cancer patients. The explanation for this increase is the rapid increase in the occurrence and spread of HPV (Human Papillomavirus), which is spread through oral sex.

Oral cancer signs and symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms

Signs may include oral sores that bleed easily and do not heal, a color change of the oral tissues, a crusting, eroding, roughness or thickening of any tissue areas. Any lumps with or without tenderness, numbness, and difficulty swallowing, chewing or speaking are all potential signs.

Oral cancer examination and testing.

Examination and Testing

ViziLite® Plus is the leading oral lesion identification and marking system that was developed to help oral healthcare professionals identify and mark abnormal oral lesions suspicious for pathology including precancerous cells and cancer that may be difficult to see during a regular visual exam.

Oral cancer treatment options.

Treatment Options

Treatment options will most likely involve a team of professionals which may include a surgeon, radiation oncologist, chemotherapy oncologist, nutritionist, dentist and other professionals as deemed necessary. Common treatment modalities include surgical removal of the cancerous tissues, radiation therapy and chemotherapy to try to prevent metastasis, or treat metastasis that has already occurred.

Oral cancer testing and resources at Perrott Dentistry.

When cancer is found early, treatment can be successful 82% of the time.

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Oral Cancer Facts

Oral cancer is a devastating, even deadly, cancer that can go unnoticed until it has progressed to later stages.

Twenty-five percent of all oral cancer victims are non-smokers, non-drinkers and have no other lifestyle risk factors.

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